Research & Evaluation Services:

PPP Knowledge Hub specializes in assessments, advisory service, implementation support, strategy, outreach and training services, delivered by a capable team of experts well aware of the Afghanistan’s challenging context, and invested in the success of Afghanistan’s business and political development. We offer a range of the following services:

Studies and Analysis

  • Project Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility, Baseline, Progress, and Impact Assessment
  • Value for money assessment
  • Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Small- and Large-Scale Studies (Market and Social)
  • Policy Analysis and Formulation Support

Market Development

  • Market Research
  • Market and Policy Trend Analysis & Advise
  • Market Entry and Growth Strategies and Support
  • Risk Analysis and Due Diligence
  • Brand Creation and Placement Advise 

Outreach and Program Management

  • Strategic Planning, Program Development and Management
  • Conference Organization and Management      
  • Project Implementation Support (Resource Mobilization, HR Management)
  • Public Affairs Consulting
  • Training and Workshops