PPP Training & Events

Platform of exchange and communication:

PPP Knowledge Hub offers physical and virtual means of communication that will foster a community spirit between all PPP officials and practitioners, in particular those oriented to People’s First PPPs. Members may post to the forum, discuss latest news, inform of their innovative solutions and challenges.

Capacity building:

PPP Knowledge Hub offers various services to build capacities within PPP Units:

  • Online courses and webinars;
  • On-demand organization or arrangement of study tours;
  • Access to a network of professionals ready to provide support on technical issues that PPP units may face; and.
  • Access to a library of case studies and research papers.
  • PPP Knowledge Hub is a leading provider of business intelligence within the Public-Private Partnership sector. We specialize in designing, delivering global conferences, public and in-company training programmes, and workshops.
  • Development and implementation of public-private partnership site visits, technical workshops and exposure visits at National & International level in close cooperation with its International Strategic Partners.
  • Other educational programs, including customized programs;
  • Development of educational programs in the field of PPP, including professional development and retraining programs;

Design and Development of Training Programs in the field of PPP


  • Development of proposals aimed at the improvement of the Central Partnership Authority and other Afghan entities related to public-private partnership;
  • Supporting government authorities, local self-government institutions, state-owned enterprises, and business community in the preparation and administration of PPP projects;
  • Preparation of expert opinion and expert reports on PPP;
  • Introducing expertise and providing advisory services including transaction advisory to the governmental and private entities;