Expert Activities:

Capacity Building & Knowledge Dissemination
1.    Organizing demand-based training workshops, seminars, study tours and online courses and webinars.
2.    Preparation of academic journals, practice‐oriented and methodological articles, assisting to publication of textbooks, study guides, conferences and round table.

Research & Evaluation
1.    Research and evaluation are the back-bone of development projects, which helps to plan with accurate data and collected information. We at the PPP Knowledge Hub will undertake the concept research program including data collection, research projects, evaluation projects, termination report and evaluation report.

Technical Assistance & Transactional Advisory
1.     Our domestic & international experts will be assisting the PPP Units of government institutions, banks and private sector in studies (pre-feasibility & feasibility), proposal writing, project planning, implementation, evaluation and termination report, and transactional advisory services.

Lobbying & Advocacy
1.     We believe that lobbying and advocacy has a crucial role in the context of social and economic development, in order to bring positive changes to people’s lives and welfare. Therefore, our intervention may encompass by policy dialogue, campaigns, round tables, public awareness, national and international conferences.

Presenting the Concept of PPP Knowledge Hub in 3rd Istanbul PPP Week, Istanbul Turkey. Nov 2018.

Mr. Matin Zahid the Founder and CEO of the PPP Knowledge Hub attended to the 3rd Istanbul PPP Week which is an international conference for PPP organized in cooperation with Republic of Turkey Ministry of Trade, DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) and Istanbul PPPCoE (Istanbul Public-Private Partnership Center of Excellence) along with the contribution of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), Euroepan Bank for Reconstruction Development (EBRD), IFC, World Bank and Universities.

Using this opportunity, Mr. Zahid shared his vision and presented a newly established organization (The PPP Knowledge Hub Organization) to the audience and briefed them on its philosophy, vision and the main objective towards PPP agenda. Dr. Eyup Vural Aydın, Chairman of Istanbul PPPCoE acknowledge the PPP Knowledge Hub initiative and agreed on signing off a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the PPP Knowledge Hub Organization for the opportunities exists in both Turkey and Afghanistan markets for PPP projects, and how to mutually contribute the common interest of the countries.

4th International PPP Forum “The Last Mile: Promoting People first PPPs for the UN 2030

Agenda for Sustainable Development”, Geneva, Palais des Nations on 7-9 May 2019;

In a side meeting, Mr. Matin Zahid met with Geoffrey Hamilton, Chief of Cooperation and Partnership Section, Economic Cooperation and Trade Division, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The Afghanistan PPP statues quo, Infrastructure Priorities and the Investment Opportunities were discussed in this meeting. Mr. Geoffrey acknowledged his continues support and wished to visit Afghanistan in coming opportunity.

Meeting and Signing the MoU with Istanbul PPPCoE – Istanbul, Turkey; Feb 2019.

Fardin Sediqi the president and founder of PPP Knowledge Hub Organization met with Dr. Ayup Aydin the chairman of Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence on Feb. 25, 2019 in Istanbul-Turkey.

They have discussed the possible opportunities in both Turkey and Afghanistan markets for PPP projects, and how to mutually contribute the common interest of the countries. Moreover, the advisory service for the PPP projects, designing and convening the capacity building programs for Afghan officials and private sector officers on PPP were the critical points discussed and concluded.

At the end of meeting both parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as Strategic Partnership Agreement for fulfillment of the agreed and concluded points.

Based on agreed points, the parties will be venturing to PPP projects and short-term trainings. The PPP Knowledge Hub will facilitate the PPP advertised projects on behalf of the Istanbul PPP CoE in Afghanistan, where the Istanbul PPP CoE will assist the process through providing the international expertise as per requirements of the project.