Our Vision 

At the PPP Knowledge Hub, we envision revamping infrastructure and social welfare in Afghanistan by assisting  the government institutions, private sector and relevant stakeholders through knowledge sharing, capacity development, research & development and advisory services to help building innovative partnerships and achieving the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

PPP Knowledge Hub is looking forward to be at the forefront in contributing to the economic reform strategy and improving public infrastructure provision and services delivery through bridging and providing equal assistance to the government and private sector.

About the Organization:

Public Private Partnership Knowledge Hub Organization (PPPKHO) based in Afghanistan with slogan “Vehicle for Visionary People” is a Center of Excellence initiated by team of experts in late 2018.
The PPP Knowledge Hub aims to take part in achieving the specified and aligned SDGs, targets and indicators through contributing to the government agencies and private sectors with providing expertise consultation and advisory services, capacity building, comprehensive coordination among the involved sectors, research and knowledge sharing.

The SDGs across the world including Afghanistan balance economic, social and environmental factors in an integrated way. These goals will improve public welfare over the next 10 years by focusing on main and prioritized areas, with the goal that “No one shall be left behind.” 
Realizing the current status quo, PPP Knowledge Hub introduced and started its assistances in a situation where, the government faces issues of lack of infrastructure, congestion and delays in implementing development projects, and poor service delivery.

The major goal of the ppp knowledge hub:

The major goal of the Center is to develop and disseminate knowledge about the implementation and efficient management of PPP projects, as well as to provide a platform for interaction among public officials, private sector, business community and academics in the process of the implementation of PPP projects by integrating the competences of academics and professional experts.

The Main Objectives of The PPP knowledge hub Include:

  • Work together to help implement the 17 Sustainable Development Goals through people first PPPs;
  • Collaboration with the Central Partnership Authority (CPA) Ministry of Finance (MoF) in the process of supporting government authorities, local self-government institutions, state-owned enterprises, private sector and business community in the preparation and administration of PPP projects, preparing expert reports on PPPs, and evaluating implemented PPP projects;
  • Preparation of study guidelines, textbooks, collections of case studies on PPP projects;
  • Development of educational programs in the field of PPPs, including professional development and retraining programs;
  • Organization of international and national academic conferences, seminars and other events;
  • Preparation of research papers for their further publication in leading international and national academic and professional journals;
  • Development of international academic contacts, and conducting research on various aspects of People first in PPPs;
  • Advocacy for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the project development, concept improvement and project grant funding.

Our Aims:

  • Establishing industry standards in PPP DOMAIN (professional, sector related, ethics, etc.);
  • Help implement best practices to improve project quality, PPP Units capacity building, avoid disputes among partners, and allay criticism;
  • Networking to gain access to peer knowledge, contacts and expertise in PPP arena;
  • Promoting “People First” Projects and the adoption of proper legislative and regulatory framework; and.
  • Organizing international conferences, conferences and training workshop in various areas pertaining to PPP.


  • Capacity building
  • Corporate social responsibility advocacy
  • Company formation assistance (Special Purpose Vehicles) and Legal assistance
  • Networking opportunities (Public and private sector introductions)
  • Project pipeline collection
  • Tender documentation assistance
  • Transactional advisory